“Through my experiences, I am finding my voice in this world. I want to inspire others through my story, sharing my struggles and triumphs with as many people as possible. I hope to contribute by bringing forth more leaders in the society who, in turn, will reach out and do the same for others.” Akwasi Frimpong

Akwasi is not just an athlete, he’s an entrepreneur who knows how to transform adversity into opportunity and this precise ability of his has helped him overcome all challenges and become a source of inspiration to other aspiring athletes. Using his charisma, his strong presence, and his unique experiences, Akwasi has inspired people from all walks of life through print and electronic media. He is often invited by businesses, non-profit organizations, and sports bodies to speak to and motivate their audiences.

The well-recognized athlete and entrepreneur has gained special accolade for his ability to ignite passion and entrepreneurial spirit in an audience comprising of people from diverse backgrounds and with varying ambitions. Akwasi has been dubbed as ‘GoldenSprint’ for his athletic abilities and as an entrepreneur for his unique talent of finding a lucky chance in the most unfavorable circumstances.

Being an athlete with a high media value, Akwasi has also helped different businesses and organizations achieve their brand awareness goals by endorsing their products and services. What makes him stand out from other celebrity brand ambassadors is that he puts his positive energy and his passion for excellence in promoting any organization he works with and uses his celebrity ability to attract and inspire people.

A Shortlist of Akwasi’s Public Appearances and Honors

  • 2013 — Sculpture made of Akwasi in Amsterdam
  • 2013 — Golden Sprint Challenge organized in the USA in Akwasi’s honor
  • 2007 — Elected Johan Cruyff International Student of the Year, based on results and character
  • 2007 — Won second place as Amsterdam Citizen of the Year Award
  • 2008 — Columnist for the Dutch newspaper Parool
  • 2009 — Starred in “The Rabbit Theory,” a documentary about Akwasi’s life story
  • 2012 — Multinational Neways lets Akwasi play an active role in motivating colleagues, besides promoting their company and products.

To request Akwasi Frimpong for an interview, product promotion, or any other PR activity, you may email at or get in touch through his social media pages.

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