Invite the GoldenSprint as a Speaker At Your Next Event!

Invite the GoldenSprint as a Speaker At Your Next Event!

As a visionary entrepreneur and accomplished athlete, the creator of Ghana in 60 Seconds aims to spread the voice of hope and inspiration in a world of silent despair.

Having delivered powerful motivational seminars before large audiences that comprise skilled technicians, business professionals, and young students from all walks of life, Akwasi Frimpong engages all with his unbridled passion and commitment to achieve.

Sharing real-life examples from his personal journey as an immigrant, who struggled 13 years to find an identity, he shows you what it takes to be a true winner in the game of life—integrating the principles of education, innovation and sports for personal and professional fulfillment.

Why Invite a Motivational Speaker?

Are you planning a special event for your school, company, social organization, or agency?

A riveting motivational seminar can move audiences to tears and laughter, prompting action and productivity—ultimately boosting performance with a renewed will to achieve.

There’s a reason, after all, why TEDx Talks are a massive hit around the world—affecting not just employees in already-successful organizations, but individuals or students simply looking for inspiration.

Akwasi Frimpong’s story of triumph and tribulation is unique for a number of reasons.

  1. The leading protagonist represents three different nations.
  1. It speaks to everyone—the young and old, the marginalized and helpless, hard working talents who simply lack the opportunities to move forward, and dreamers who don’t realize their limitless potential.
  1. It’s history in the making!

What to Expect from A GoldenSprint Presentation

When you invite Akwasi Frimpong to be part of your event, you have the opportunity to hear from an Olympic level athlete, a dynamic entrepreneur and a man who believes in the power of education.

With a mission to make history as Ghana’s first ever Olympic champion in the 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Frimpong delivers a memorable presentation unlike any other—true to the spirit of the GoldenSprint.

In particular, you may invite him as:

  1. A keynote speaker:

Motivate your team through the inimitable charisma and confidence of a soon to be Olympian, speaking passionately on the following topics:

  • Believing in yourself
  • Cultivating self-discipline
  • Power of Persistence
  • Surrounding Yourself with Positivity
  1. As a personal trainer:

Keep your youth, team, employees and organization in shape with a professional athlete coaching the crowd with a pep talk they’ll never forget!

  1. As a voice of inspiration:

The GoldenSprint reveals his secret to success, sharing tips on how to combine sports, education and entrepreneurship.

You may also invite Akwasi Frimpong for special workshops for:

  • Individual amateur athletes or sports teams
  • Professional athletes
  • High schools and colleges
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Organizations/companies

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