The documentary film “Theorie van het Konjin” (translation: The Rabbit Theory) is the story of a child who spent the first eight years of his life with his grandmother and nine other children in a one-room home in Ghana. It’s the story of an immigrant who strived consistently for 13 years to obtain a legal residence permit in the Netherlands. It’s the story of a young boy who, inspired by his friend, experienced the need to know what it’s like to win. It’s the story of a passionate athlete who, after two years of consistent hard work, became the Dutch National Junior Champion at a young age. It’s the story of an entrepreneur who learned how to turn adversity into opportunity in the most unfavorable circumstances.

It’s the story of Akwasi Frimpong, also known as ‘GoldenSprint’.

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The Rabbit Theory walks you through the transformation of a timid under-aged illegal immigrant into a self-assured new Dutchman. It is about the development of an international talent who’s ready to break records and make history.

It’s a story of overcoming challenges, resilience, tenacity, determination, and SUCCESS.