Akwasi Frimpong - Olympian, entrepreneur and motivational speaker

International athlete Akwasi Frimpong made history in 2018 when he became the first Skeleton athlete from Ghana. Akwasi was just the second Winter Olympian from Ghana. Now, Akwasi wants to use his passion and his own inspirational story to represent not just a country, but a continent. Akwasi was born and raised in Ghana and moved to the Netherlands when he was eight. He didn’t start running until he was 15, and hasn’t stopped since. Akwasi refused to allow life’s challenges to derail an athletic career that includes more than a dozen medals in international events.
In short, he used setbacks to make giant strides forward.
In addition to being an Olympic athlete, Akwasi is also a father, entrepreneur and public speaker who has inspired thousands of people. In fact, Akwasi says one of the best days of his life was knowing his then-9-month-old daughter was watching him fulfill his Olympic dream. Akwasi’s belief that anything is possible with resilience, determination and hard work led him to his appearance in the 2018 Winter Olympics, a journey he believes will inspire The Hope of a Billion in the years ahead.
Akwasi believes what you need for success is already planted deep down inside of you. He believes success comes from believing in yourself with a positive attitude combined with hard work and persistence. Akwasi wants to be the Hope of a billion African children and show them their dreams of being a doctor, a lawyer, or an Olympian are possible. He wants his example of determination and perseverance as an international athlete to give them a voice to pursue their own dreams.
It is that positive attitude Akwasi will use to fuel him to become Africa’s first Winter Olympics medalist and along the way inspire everyone to overcome their own adversity with courage, and share #HopeOfABillion
Message From Akwasi
‘I battled for 13 years. Giving up was an option, but being patient and persistent were the chosen tools that nurtured the champion from within. What you need for success is already planted deep down inside of you. The root of your success starts in believing in yourself, then it is nurtured with a positive attitude, hard work and persistence, and that will bring your success to reality.’’— Akwasi Frimpong
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A follower base comprising thousands of fans and followers, whose discussions range from the one-of-a-kind #frimpongdance to the Rabbit Theory helmet worn by the athlete during the 2018 Olympics, Akwasi has a strong presence on all social media platforms. Whether you’re seeking a little inspiration on your own athletics journey, or simply need professional advice, reach out to Akwasi and learn first-hand how he can help you defeat misery with mastery.
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You’ve come to the right place. Follow Akwasi, as he makes his way to the winner’s stands at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Here you will find a variety of stuff, from inspirational posts to news and pictures of Akwasi, as well as his endeavors in the business world. Akwasi is frequently invited by corporations and non-profit organizations to share his experiences and insightsto inspire audiences.
Dedication Can Make a Dream Come True
Committed to becoming the first Ghanaian to win an Olympic medal at the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing, Akwasi values your intention to become a part of his journey and help him make his mark in the world’s most prestigious sports event. As a token of appreciation, Akwasi serves as an ambassador for his sponsors and uses his celebrity appeal to help them win the trust of fans who follow and adore him.

Get on team Akwasi today by supporting the Olympian in his mission of becoming the first African athlete to win a medal in  the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.